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Cancer is gray bananas,
An intravenous drip
Diluting my soul with sickness.

Exiled from my Japan,
I find my life
Made mythological,
The heartbeats of my eternity
Compressed into photographs,
Flat hammer evidence,
Zen rocks adrift
In the photochemical smog ...
My wife and baby.

Cancer is exile.
And I,
I am the cancer patient,
Waiting for my statistical resolution,
My life
Hesitating on the cool gray edge of never,
On the brink of deletion ...

In the year of many needles
I endure my altered state
Until a frog,
Symbol of transformation,
Signals my birthday resurrection,
Cancer commuted to chocolate cake.
With this kiss
I transform you.

In the golden temples of the imagination
The bells of silence
With waiting voices.

Copyright © 2005 Hugh Cook

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