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Relaxed within razors.
Attuned to the heartbeat of silence,
The ecstasy of zero.
Remote and immediate.
At rest in the diameters of infinity,
In the galactic environment of the sun.

Awake within a waking dream,
Riding the amplitudes of darkness,
Soaring on the thermals of created thought,
Here and now, but also
Partaking of worlds both visible
And worlds beyond:
The fictions of probability
And the flesh of fact.

Below, the baked potato cottages
Where the flinching poets
Scratch their lice and crack the blood from fleas,
Yearning for warmer breadcrumbs,
Softer beds.

Appetite is knowledge.
Rage is life.
Now is the moment which consumes.
Force and focus.
Silence feeds the anger of the javelin,
Fire transforming fire,
Thunder claiming,
Forcing the gates of symbol
To the doors of fact.

The drifting aftermath ...
The skinless algebra of gravity,
The intricate insanity of gold.

Copyright © 2003 Hugh Cook

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