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Back before the first invention of breathing,
Way back when,
Back before the invention of the future,
Back before the circle possessed a circumference,
Before the line knew the intimacy of the edge,
Way back in the when of now
God enforced creation.

Awash in the roar of the Great Silence
The scream of the tortured zero
Endured the convulsions of the airless wind.
Infinity suffered,
Coerced to a marathon sprint
On the fine point of nowhere.
The asymptotes struggled.
Then God broke the back of the darkness.
The black nought of entropy ignited.

And God fashioned,
Wrestling a purpose from the torn stars,
Building from the elements of the bursting fires
Forcing the inertias to inflict
His victory,
To make the unshaped the self-shaping.

It was an act of compulsion,
Resistant darkness flexing,
Gripped by the act of becoming.
A fish in a fist.
The elemental clay
Turned liquid with a gasp.
The rivers whispered,
Rejoicing their escape.

The result?
Nine sweet sugars in a glade of green.
A zircon rainbow in a bath of glass.
Giraffes, and zebra-striped sunlight.
And octopus oceans.
And the man:
Sitting at the traffic light,
Foot on the clutch,
Chewing gum,
Thinking of spicy fried chicken.

Copyright © 2004 Hugh Cook

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