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Nagasaki! The movie!
Love, comedy, special effects!
"And then what do they find out?
In the entire burning city they don't have
Even one spare pair of underpants!"
The roulette wheel spins.
They win.
They have the funding.

Symbolic harvest:
Pearl Harbor bites back.
The carnival of demolitions
Is to begin.
Capers through the propeller blades.
The plane spills sideways.
The crew lewd with cigars,
Dripping with beer,
Their party hats askew.

The thermometer explodes.
The hammers are stripped from the clocks.
The universe jolts on giraffe legs.
Blows a hole through Tuesday.
Dogs vomit up spaghetti.
The cartwheel spews vinegar.
Tofu, sushi, short-grained rice
Mingle with blood to a cola.
"This we can franchise."

After the free chest x-rays
The sputum of the swollen rocks
Bubbles down and settles.
The watchman counts his fingers
And finds them thirty.
Relaxing feathers flutter from a bird.
"Vacant possession," says the realtor,
Patting the ashes from her hair.

And here,
Here in the cathedral of the painted saints,
The party kids gather round,
Eating the candied eyeballs of the dead Japanese,
Drinking the sweet chocolate of the melted stone,
Sucking the soft and swollen fingers
Of burning Jesus and his blistered congregation,
Paddling, grinning,
In the trickling liquids of the singing saints.

Nagasaki! The movie!
Oscar for the best applause track!

Can I supersize that for you
And give you a bunker buster to go?

Copyright © 2005 Hugh Cook

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