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Sex metal zex metal zow metal zap metal -
Look, George, look!
Deadline, D-line, V-line, launch line.
Tank metal, flame metal, bomb metal, launch metal.
Bomb baby burn baby come baby scream baby
Burn baby kick baby launch baby die baby ....

.... and we are inadvertently monochrome,
A flat road,
A girl frozen,
Mouth frozen,
Flesh frozen
In the long forever of fire
Which teaches us nothing.
If history teaches us anything
It teaches us that it teaches us nothing ....

.... and I hand out the photographs of the burning flesh
And we ....
.... discuss ....

Now a helicopter
Picks up the tempo.
The smell of oil, the smell of -
I love the smell of -
The burning smell of -
Her burning smell of -
Her virgin smell of -
Burning hair of -
Burning scream of -
Zex metal sex metal zex metal sex metal
Do metal come metal go metal be metal -
Mate metal do metal be metal burn metal -

Mating and melding with human flesh.

End of poem.
A flat line.
A road.
Paddy field on either side.
The girl is still running her marathon,
Hands held away from her body,
Burnt arms away from burnt body.
I could document this.
War is for adults, death is for children.

Copyright © 2003 Hugh Cook

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