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This is a list of some topics which are touched upon in Hugh Cook's medical memoir "Cancer Patient".

The entire text of this medical memoir of one patient's experiences with cancer (initial health problems, diagnosis and treatment) is posted online here on this web site on a read-for-free-online basis. The complete text may also be purchased as a paperback book from amazon.com. CANCER PATIENT is a non-fiction book but contains a couple of fictional stories (clearly identified as such) and also some poetry on themes related to cancer.

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        This personal memoir of the writer's encounter with cancer (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the large B-cell type) attempts to cleave to the truth. However, the text may contain information that is wrong, outdated, incomplete or otherwise misleading.
        This memoir has been written in a time of illness by a cancer patient who, though he feels sharp enough, must admit to sometimes misinterpreting things, forgetting things, or, on occasion, quite simply not hearing things.
        This memoir is designed to communicate the writer's personal experience and is not intended as a source of medical information. Got a medical question? Ask your doctor.

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Hugh Cook has asserted and hereby reasserts his moral rights with respect to this book, including his right to be identified as the author of this cancer memoir called "Cancer Patient".

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