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Hugh Cook

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Cancer survivor's diary

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Author: Hugh Cook
Title: Cancer Patient
ISBN: 1-4116-5387-4

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CANCER PATIENT is an autobiographical account of one patient's experience of cancer, dealing with initial problems, the quest for a diagnosis, the diagnosis itself, treatment and the achievement of remission.

The book concludes with a chapter of advice for patients, focusing on the issue of obtaining and processing all the information the patient needs to get a grip on.

This book should be of particular interest to cancer patients, their family and friends, and to people working in the oncology field.

The specific cancer dealt with is non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the large B-cell variety, a cancer, in this patient's case, of the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord.

The book deals with, amongst other things, the experience of having chemotherapy with methotrexate, vincristine and Ara-C, the experience of radiation therapy, with the use of the oral steroid dexamethasone (prescribed to reduce swelling of the brain) and with eyesight problems associated with the cancer.

The book includes an account of having brain surgery under a general anesthetic - the author underwent neurosurgery in the form of a brain biopsy.

The book also includes a description of having a lumbar puncture (a spinal tap).

The author, Hugh Cook, is a novelist who has been writing and publishing novels for twenty-five years.


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