Hugh Cook Frequently Asked Questions - e-mail address, movie rights etc. Contact details for author of WIZARD WAR / CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS / THE WALRUS AND THE WARWOLF. Welcome to my ideational moriawase online!

Hugh Cook FAQ
Hugh Walter Gilbert Cook
Born Britain, Educated New Zealand


• Where can I buy your books? # At [AMERICA Hugh Cook] [CANADA Hugh Cook] [UNITED KINGDOM HUGH COOK] and at [LULU.COM which has US $5 pdf versions of some books Hugh Cook]

• I have some questions about the CHRONICLES / WIZARD WAR etc # I sometimes have questions, too. If I need an answer I go to the encylopedic fan site run by a guy who knows a lot more about my work than I will ever do. Everything you could possibly want to know is there. Click Hugh Cook

• Will you read / edit / assess/ comment on my novel / story / plot idea? # No. What writing advice I have to give will be found at Writing Guidance

• Will you read — # No! Weren't you listening the first time? I'm busy.

• Will you — # No! The stuff people have insisted on sending me is not as bad as you might think. Rather, it's worse than you can possibly imagine. I've wasted too much time being polite to garbage, and I've lost patience.

• Are movie rights available? # Yes, if you have big time Hollywood money. Otherwise, sorry, no. I've had some very sincere people who have approached me for permission to turn something into a hobby film, an art film or whatever. Some of these people have impressed me with their combination of confidence, competence, realism and enthusiasm. But I am a brain cancer survivor with ... how many years to live? I don't know. What time I have I need for myself. I cannot and will not get involved in your project.

• I am a big time Hollywood movie producer and I am seriously interested in your work. # Nice to hear it. Give me a few details and I'll run them past my British-based agent. If he's interested, he'll contact you. If things get to the stage where it looks like we might actually be doing a movie deal, then at that stage he'll call in his Hollywood contact, an American agent who is a player in the movie business.

• Would you like to know what I think of your website design and HTML code? # No. I'm aware of the fact that my site has won a couple of Worst In The Universe awards, but it's my site, and I'm happy with it, and if you're the ultimate HTML monkey, well, live long and prosper, but please live long somewhere else, and prosper in your own back yard, not mine.

• Where is the easiest place to access your stuff online? # Try this site: Hugh Cook

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Terms of Use

Material which Hugh Cook has posted online is the intellectual property of Hugh Cook, and is copyright. Such material is posted online on a "read for free" basis.

You have Hugh Cook's permission to read the stuff he has posted online. With respect to the poems in the GENGHIS LOTUS POETRY COLLECTION, however, various extra permissions have been granted.

If you want to print, post, perform, publish, teach or photocopy one of these poems, then see the TERMS OF USE.


Terms of Use

The GENGHIS LOTUS POETRY COLLECTION is a collection of 141 poems on a variety of themes, including urban existence, the natural world, war, death, cancer, breastfeeding, nuclear war, and so on.


E-mail details

E-mail with the subject line MESSAGE. (Big letters, please, not small ones.) Non-compliant e-mail will be denounced as spam and will be deleted unread. The fact that there is no e-mail link to click is aimed at giving you time to absorb the very simple instructions in this box. If you seriously want to make contact, please follow the instructions. If you don't, well, it'll be a case of "Nice to have never have met you."

• Last question: Why are you so rude? # I had brain cancer, and, while potentially fatal illnesses are sometimes thought of as being character building, this one caused a severe deterioration of my own world view. I've become sharply focused on my own interests, and hence have gone Atilla the Hun on e-mail contacts.


Breaking News

• PLANET BOOKS has plans to publish a new edition of THE WALRUS AND THE WARWOLF. This will be the first-even full edition published in the United States. One third of the book was published some years back as LORDS OF THE SWORD, but the editor then changed companies and the project got dumped. I'm very grateful to Planet Books for taking the bold step of publishing this book.

• My next novel will probably be an SF/fantasy book, ANOINTED OF GOD, out 2007, all going well. Future projects include a new edition of THE SHIFT (same text, just a republication of this out-of-print title), an SF novel SINFUL SURVIVAL and a fantasy novel PRINCE ROMANCE HERO. Those three projects done, all going to plan, in 2008/2009.