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What's new on Hugh Cook's site?

As of July 2006, a bunch of new stuff has been added to the site, including the full texts of thirty of the stories in THE SUCCUBUS AND OTHER STORIES and a selection of archived cancer blog pieces dealing with events up to and including the author's return to Japan in 2006.

The updated cancer blog itself continues online at:

As of this writing, 2006 July 23, I have been back in Japan for a full three months. Once again thinking: yeah, man, what a long strange trip it's been!

To provide an easy guide to the chaos on the site, I have written an introductory piece in the file READ NOVELS ONLINE, which indicates, clearly, where most of the stuff on the site is to be found.


A suite of pieces relating to Islam, forming part of THIS IS A PICTURE OF YOUR GOD. Mohammad cartoon comment; war between religions; Islamic hospitality; war of choice - did the jihadists start the war?; concept of jihad as explained by a Muslim; war criminal nation: use of radiation weapons by British and American forces in Iraq.

Death Poems

A suite of death poems published online, part of the literary miscellany THIS IS A PICTURE OF YOUR GOD: A HUGH COOK READER.

In February 2006 published a large collection of short stories, THE SUCCUBUS AND OTHER STORIES, a book of science fiction, fantasy, horror, weirndess and strangeness, over 600 pages, available for purchase from:

Unfortunately, while would like to be a child-safe site, something like THE SUCCUBUS AND OTHER STORIES is not child-safe content, so to see this otherwise invisible "mature" content you have to certify yourself as adult, as follows:-

To see the mature content (1) sign up to make a free log-in identity then log in; (2) go to "MY ACCOUNT"; (3) click on "manage content access level"; (4) assuming you are 17 or older, choose "Mature" as the consent level, and save that preference.

Returning to you discover that a number of books which were previously invisible are now visible, of which THE SUCCUBUS AND OTHER STORIES is just one.

For an item-by-item account of what is in this story collection,

Click here for TABLE OF CONTENTS


To read the title story free online,

Click to read THE SUCCUBUS free!

And click to read ...


20 At the start of February 2006 I am facing eyesight problems which indicate either (a) residual effects of radiation treatment or (b) a return of brain cancer. Diagnostic tests were as yet unscheduled at the start of Febrary. My blog is now:

I have been actively at work on new poems and compact short stories, more of which are at


All going to plan, a new edition of THE WITCHLORD AND THE WEAPONMASTER, the tenth and final volume in the CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS series.

Buy from storefont

Access free sample in PDF (Adobe Reader / Adobe Acrobat) format (front matter and first chapter).

Cancer returns. Maybe. Blog updated January 2006.

A couple of poems new in January 2006, most notably RECIDIVISM, plus an account of the writing of this poem.

In January 2006, an indication of plans for a second edition of THE WITCHLORD AND THE WEAPONMASTER, out of print for maybe ten years or so by now. Discussion of format (8.5 inches x 11 inches), font, software used to manipulate graphics. Account of how plans for future writing became modified by the (apparent) return of brain cancer.


2006, and I've gathered 60 of my poems together into a collection, ARC OF LIGHT, poems written between 1975 and 2005 inclusive.


To try to simplify keeping track of that sprawling nightmare I call my website, I've decided to post new poems and stories in one place, the CREATIVE WRITING section.


Postings in January were of two types. First, some short stories in what I call the GRANT OF POWERS series, in which people obtain special powers, sometimes to their detriment. (Well, in fact, always to their detriment.)

This was a series I started working on back in 2004, when I was living a frantically pressured life in the Tokyo-Yokohama area, so the first of these stories were written on my laptop while I was sitting on benches in various parts of the Tokyo subway station, between job assignments. (I'd go to place A then be scheduled to arrive at place B a few hours later.)

These short stories are indeed short. The title of each starts with someone's name, for example BERTRAND GETS KISSED (the place to start if you want to get really grossed out) or EVANS EATS GARLIC, which you won't forget in a hurry.

The other new items in the CREATIVE WRITING section are poems. Some of these, or perhaps all of these, will eventually appear in a book of poems to be called THE DEATH OF BIRDS, which will be, more than anything else, a set of poems on the topic of my death.

Not a topic of general interest, I suppose, but it works of me. Right now (January 25), as I head in the direction of my next meeting with my cancer doctor, this subject has my TOTAL attention.

2005 December 20 Tuesday. Added Shoot to Kill suicide bomber story. Paranormals have the ability to make themselves explode - cops move into shoot-to-kill mode. This fairly short story (2,695 words) is based on selected portions of a very long novel, TO FIND AND WAKE THE DREAMER, which runs to 76 chapters and about 199,000 words (over 700 pages as a printed book).

I haven't made any changes to my "how to write" section for a long time, but on 2005 December 20, having spent quite a few days proofreading the long novel TO FIND AND WAKE THE DREAMER, I added a long piece, over 7,000 words, containing tips, hints and suggestions on proofreading.

2005 ended up being the year of three books. The complete text of the medical memoir


is on this site on a "read for free online" basis but can also be purchased as a US $5 computer download (PDF) format from

or as a paperback book from or

The suicide bomber fantasy novel TO FIND AND WAKE THE DREAMER got finished and a free sample - the first 30 chapters is on this site.

I'm billing this as the ultimate fantasy novel. This one pulls out all the stops!

Similarly, the novel BAMBOO HORSES got finished. Set in a land where people eat with scissors rather than chopsticks. Again, there is a 30-chapter sample online to read without cost.

The BAMBOO HORSES novel, also, can be purchased online as a paperback book from either or

The full texts of both the BAMBOO HORSES novel and the novel TO FIND AND WAKE THE DREAMER can be purchased from for US $5 each as a computer download.

In June and July 2005 updated the blog ... other than that nothing much happened on the website as I focused on pushing ahead with a new novel, BAMBOO HORSES, and with a medical memoir, CANCER PATIENT. No, wait! I tell a lie! I did actually upload something new, an essay on creativity, provoked by someone asking if having cancer had affected my creativity. It's in the essays section ... click here for essay on Creativity.

more - stuff first posted January-May 2005

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