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Free sample (first thirty chapters) of fantasy novel TO FIND AND WAKE THE DREAMER posted online on a free to read online basis. This novel is also available for purchase as a paperback book via amazon.com.

In the city state of Oolong Morblock, where a certain proportion of the people have a natural ability to cause themselves to explode, in effect making them potential suicide bombers, Ibrahim Chess tries to find the middle road: to steer a course of moderation and sanity in a world which is going mad, and where the civil peace is threatened by the increasingly intolerant fanaticism of the conflict between the minority group to which Ibrahim belongs, the astrals, and the city state's dominant group, the norms.


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Table of Contents

Chapter One

suicide bomber novel
fantasy novel terrorism

(First 30 chapters
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The Child Damaged, the Child Dead

        Always weeping,
        At odd moments,
        By the pause of the child's fingers,
        By the recollection ...

        Baby Paffita, sixteen months of age, still had toes, so she played with them. Before the day was over, her toes would be gone. And her arms, too. Welcome to the modern world, baby Paffita!

Table of Contents

The text on this page is part of the fantasy novel "To Find and Wake the Dreamer", the first thirty chaptes of which have been posted online. These sample chapters can be read for free online. However, the text is copyright - all rights reserved. For permission to use this text or any portion of it contact Hugh Cook.


This book, "To Find and Wake the Dreamer", deals with events which take place in the lives of certain citizens of the nation of Oolong Morblock. The action takes place in the year 9,726, a historical year, the year in which Adam Tikriti became President of Relsh Strasborg. Any resemblance to other people, other locales, other events or other times is unintended and is coincidental.

To Find and Wake the Dreamer Copyright © 2005 Hugh Cook.

Hugh Cook


Suicide Bomber Novel

suicide bomber novel
fantasy novel terrorism

(First 30 chapters
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