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These essays are mostly academic essays. The "diary" section also contains some non-academic topic pieces.

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Essays by Hugh Cook - poet, novelist, short story writer and professional English teacher. Bookmark this page now for easy reference.

Bryon and DON JUAN - essay - an academic essay about Byron, Byron's poem DON JUAN and Romantic poetry.

Creativity - discussion of inspiration versus learned skills - creativity seen from a journeyman's point of view - author Hugh Cook discusses creativity in relation to mental function - creativity and brain damage.

Epic Poem - Definition What is an epic poem? Definition of an epic poem.

Ezra Pound's THE GARRET - analysis Analysis of Ezra Pound's poem "The Garret".

Iambic pentameter - quick facts What is iambic pentameter?


Iambic pentameter - sample analysis Analysis of a sample from William Shakespeare's play The Tempest. This may be useful or useless, depending on what you are looking for.

Iambic Pentameter - Sample conversion of a sample from John Lyly's play Gallathea into blank verse. A sample of iambic pentameter in the form of blank verse. (Blank verse = poetry which satisfies BOTH the following conditions: the lines do not rhyme AND the lines have the same number of feet. Blank verse is usually but not always in the form of iambic pentameter.) Copyright © 1995, 2003 Hugh Cook. All rights reserved.

Milton's Satan - Essay. Milton Satan Simple academic essay on Milton's Satan. Copyright © 1994, 2003 Hugh Cook. All rights reserved.

Plot in Comedy and Tragedy essay comedy tragedy essay tragedy comedy Essay: mechanics of comedy with reference to Sixteenth Century Drama and Seventeenth Century Drama. Tragedy simplifies because everyone dies. Comedy, by contrast, leaves everyone alive at the end. The essay argues that riot, deadlock and the resolving ensemble scene (standard features of comedy) are best understood by thinking about the nuts-and-bolts requirements of a comedy.

SF fantasy fantasy - some brief notes. This set of brief genre fiction essay notes is designed to support a longer, more discursive essay on the art of writing science fiction fantasy which is designed to give advice on the creative writing aspects of this subject.

Sonnet analysis Spenser sonnet 75 and Shakespeare sonnet 19 compared and contrasted.

CREDENCES OF SUMMER by Wallace Stevens - analysis - an essay on Wallace Stevens with a passing reference to neoplatonism - an academic essay on Wallace Stevens's CREDENCES OF SUMMER. Copyright © 1994, 2003 Hugh Cook. All rights reserved.

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