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Togura Poulaan is a questing hero who is on a quest to find the index, the magical device which can control the odex, the mysterious object which has swallowed his beloved Day Suet.

To rescue his beloved, Togura must quest, and quest successfully. But his journey is beset by complications: being taken prisoner by enemies with hideous habits, running into pirates, being fed to giant sea serpents, encountering sea dragons, getting involved with the wizard of Drum, being captured by a wild tribe and, finally, getting embroiled in a major war.

This fantasy novel is written at an adult level and, at times, deals with mature themes.

Violence, brutality, earthy incidents and salty language may, at times, offend those of delicate sensibilities.

Consider yourself warned!

by Hugh Cook ("The Questing Hero" plus "The Hero's Return") - complete text read free online

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         This book is about the adventures of Togura, the son of Baron Poulaan. His adventures include (but are not limited to) encounters with wizards, dragons, pirates ... the index ... the odex ... and the bottle. Achieving possession of the bottle involves (of course) a quest. Otherwise, how is Togura to rescue the delectable Day Suet? A questing hero tale.

         Warning: this novel contains violence and vulgar language and, additionally, is not entirely free from sexual content. Written for an adult audience. That said, this online text was originally published in the UK and the USA by respectable publishers, was sold to the general public by respectable booksellers, and was bought (on occasion) by respectable libraries.

Literary Prose Warning: Contains literary prose.

You have been warned!

Part of a series (volume 2 of 10)
but a complete self-contained novel in its own right:
complete with beginning, middle and ending

This book has been designed so it can be read as a stand-alone volume without reference to any of the other novels in the ten--volume CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS series. Read and enjoy!

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Full Text Fantasy Novel - Textual Notes

This is the full text, unexpurgated and unabridged, of the fantasy novel The Wordsmiths and the Warguild by Hugh Cook, which, when published in North America in 1988, was divided into two separate volumes, The Questing Hero and The Hero's Return (respectively, "Wizard War Chronicles II" and "Wizard War Chronicles III".)

The online text largely follows the text of the hardback edition published by Colin Smythe Ltd in 1987, but a section missing from page 76 of that edition (between "realise just how much of" and "When they reached the doorway") has been restored by consulting the text of pp 126-127 of the 1988 Popular Library (Warner Books) printing of The Questing Hero ("Wizard War Chronicles II"). (The missing text is part of Chapter 13.)

The online text conforms (or is intended to conform) to British spelling. Occasional typos in the original (for which the author is to blame) have been silently corrected and occasional adjustments have been made to the punctuation. Long paragraphs have occasionally been broken into shorter paragraphs for ease of online reading.

A new edition of THE WORDSMITHS AND THE WARGUILD was published in 2006. As a rule, the new edition follows the text of this online version.

In terms of content, the only significant difference between the edition of 2006 and the first edition is that the edition of 2006 includes a map, which the first edition does not.

Note: words not to be found in your dictionary were quite possibly invented by the author.

Terms of Use

This text can be read for free online. However, the text is copyright - all rights reserved. For permission to use this text or any portion of it:

Copyright Notice

The Wordsmith and the Warguild Copyright © 1987, 1988, 1998, 2004, 2006 Hugh Cook. All rights reserved.

Publication Details

The Wordsmiths and the Warguild was first published in 1987 by Colin Smythe (hardback) and Corgi (Transworld) (paperback). It was published in North America as two volumes, The Questing Hero, March 1988, by Popular Library (Warner Books) and The Hero's Return, October 1988, by Popular Library (Warner Books). The same two-volume format was followed by Heyne for the German-language edition, published in paperback as Held Wider Willen (1998) and Toguras Ruckkehr (1998). The Wordsmiths and the Warguild was first posted online by Hugh Cook in 2004. As a rule, the online text was followed for the new edition which was published in 2006.

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