Map showing setting of novel by Hugh Cook called THE WORDSMITHS AND THE WARGUILDMap showing the continent of Argan with the Ravlish Lands seen top left. Top is north, bottom is south.

This map does not appear in the first edition of THE WORSHIPPERS AND THE WAY but is included in the new edition of the same book published in 2006.

From the Ravlish Lands one can go east to Penvash then south to Estar. Alternatively, it is possible to land in Lorp (on the coast at the base of the Penvash Peninsular) then walk east as far as the Hollern River, then follow the Hollern River south to the town of Lorford.

A journey south from Lorford brings one to mountains, beyond which (if one is foolish enough to cross the mountains) lie the Lezconcarnau Plains. Continuing south would then bring one to the port of Runcorn.

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