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Do-it-yourself Prison Story

[some assembly required]

• prison • prisoners • no lawyers • young kids in charge • chain • naked • camera • pyramid • donkey • my secret dream • power • throw away the key • forever • oubliette • no escape • rifle • sweat • in his bare hand • her smiling face • if I was invisible • masturbate or die • enemy combatant • simulated oral sex • beating • Abu Ghraib • wet with blood • blindness of the hood • collar • leash in her hand • rough concrete • elderly lady alone and far from home •

[Having trouble getting started? Try this opening line for your do-it-yourself prison story:-]

One leisurely afternoon, as shadows lengthened in the Iraqi prison of Abu Ghraib, the dignified old lady sat down with the young American kids who were in charge of the place for a civilized discussion of differing cultural viewpoints and the emerging problems of a globalized civilization. Over cups of mint tea ....

the end

[well, no, actually, not the end, the beginning - you take it from here]

very short do-it-yourself prison story shortprisonfiction shortprisonstory prisonfiction by Hugh Cook


So I'm an addict, okay, but I honestly thought

" .... so they shoved the gag in my mouth. Then they pulled the hood down over my face."

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2004 May 07 Friday
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