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Never Fly Economy

        " .... so they shoved the gag in my mouth. Then they pulled the hood down over my face. Then they threw me in the seat and slammed on the clamps. Half an hour later, the specialist came round to insert the catheter. That always hurts, doesn't it?"
        "And after that?"
        "Smooth as silk. No problems. Actually got a good sleep en route. They enforce the no talking rule, you see. That's one of the reasons why I always fly with them."
        "But what about the peripheral nerve damage you were talking about?"
        "Oh, no! That's from when I flew economy. The one time. My God! That was a mistake! Let me tell you now: never fly economy! What happened was this ...."

the end


So he was out, free from the computer quest world. The real world, by contrast


Staple was close to running late for the interview, but, as he ducked into the elevator, he figured he could just make it. And then

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This flash fiction NEVER FLY ECONOMY
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2004 January 17 Saturday
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