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Under the Alien Yoke

        When the aliens arrived on planet Earth, one of the first things they did was to ban ice hockey. The aliens were the Glish Galzish, a remorseless race of logicians who were in the process of conquering the known universe in the name of Rational Ethics.
        "No ice hockey," they said. "No football. No beer. Everyone in bed by eleven at night, please."
        The inevitable result? Revolution. No way, ultimately, to thwart those dreams of ice hockey, of sharpened blades, of blood glistening on the glittering ice. The revolutionaries used a stolen alien space drive to trigger a massive solar eruption which killed ninety per cent of the human race, but effectively threw the Glish Galzish off balance and allowed the revolutionaries to triumph.
        Now the invincible starships of the Fans of Sport are fanning out from planet Earth, and the appalled civilizations of the ethicalized are falling before them, unable to contend against the true barbarians -- against the horror, the horror.

the end

very short story about oppressive aliens flash fiction alien sf flash fiction oppressive aliens sci-fi flash sifi - short flash fiction story by Hugh Cook


"No emotion, no emotion! If you're going to die in space we need emotion!"

"Ryan." There was a note of warning in Maple's voice, so Ryan switched off the dzela.

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2003 July 02 Wednesday
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