Link to click to read death poems which are part of the literary writings in the book called THIS IS A PICTURE OF YOUR GOD: A HUGH COOK READER


A public man.
His suicide was broadband.
 Where was my Lotto win from that?
Promises, promises:
The delights of the future
Include water wars,
But this,
As yet,
Is prospect only,
No ice cream offered upfront with the nuts.
This Treaty of Versailles business,
What was my payoff from all that?
My carnage files are missing.
I cannot find
Why the corpse in the morgue should signify,
Why the raped vocal chords
Could be construed as therapeutic.
This war in Iraq,
Precisely what
Is its utility to me?
Your baby,
Dead or an octopus,
How does that
Improve the flavor of my tea?
Where is my coup from the genocide?
In the big bowl of blindness
Where is my edible hummingbird?
In the ashes of the bushfire
Where is my portion of the heart?