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Author's Introduction

        The family Jubiladilia, which is in the diving business, faces a tricky salvage operation. Meantime, unwise scientific experiments threaten to destabilize the metapsychic faultline, the generator of paranormal activity in the archipelago of Chalakanesia.
        Against this background, Heineman Yakaskam Jubiladilia, who is campaigning for the position of President, has to deal with his formidable enemy, Vignis Vo Gorkindachina, who is also a candidate for the presidency.
        The OCEANS OF LIGHT trilogy is something new: not swords and dragons but a world of waves, sea and ocean.
        In the front matter which introduces each of the three books of the OCEANS OF LIGHT trilogy, the author says the following:
        Hugh Walter Gilbert Cook was born in Britain in 1956 and has lived and worked in England, New Zealand and Japan. He is married, has one child, and belongs to an extended family which has links by way of blood, birth, marriage and adoption to England, Scotland, Ireland, the United States, Canada, China, Japan and Kiribati.
        Note that the pronunciation of Kiribati is something like "Kiribass". At about the age of six, Hugh spent two years on Ocean Island, otherwise known as Banaba, which is now a part of the free and indepndent nation state of Kiribasi.
        If you seek for Ocean Island on the atlas, then you will find it, if you find it at all, out in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, up near the equator. The smells of Chalakanesia, which are not, unfortunately, conveyed by the text, are those of Ocean Island.
        Other places which influenced the writing of the OCEANS OF LIGHT trilogy include the maritime environments of New Zealand, Bali, Lombok and Japan. The trilogy has been written, in part, out of the experience of encountering the planet as an ocean.
        We say that we live on planet Earth, but this planet of ours is, in practice, an ocean planet. And OCEANS OF LIGHT is most definitely a trilogy which owes its origins to the ocean.

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