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Witchlord Weaponmaster Hugh Cook

One of a suite of blog entries about the aftermath of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, including brain damage and eyesight damage; a survivor's account of the aftermath of cns lymphoma, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the large B-cell variety, in the author's case cancer of the brain and the spinal cord.

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        Above, the cover of a new edition of THE WITCHLORD AND THE WEAPONMASTER, the tenth and final volume in my CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS series. It has been out of print for some years, but now a new edition is on sale.
        The book can be bought at:


        Unfortunately, while lulu.com would like to be a child-safe site, something like THE WITCHLORD AND THE WEAPONMASTER or the suicide bomber novel TO FIND AND WAKE THE DREAMER is not a child-safe book, so to see this "mature" content you have to certify yourself as adult, as follows:
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        Returning to lulu.com/hughcook you discover that a number of books which were previously invisible are now visible.
        For those who are not familiar with THE WITCHLORD AND THE WEAPONMASTER, I have written a blurb, which is below. Note that, though this is the tenth volume of a series, it constitutes a self-contained novel in its own right, and can be read independently without any reference to any other book in the CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS series.


        This massive novel of  57 chapters and about 250,000 words is the story of a barbarian named Guest Gulkan. He, the self-styled Weaponmaster, is the son of an emperor known as the Witchlord. The story concerns, amongst other things, the struggle for the control of the empire, and the sweep of the action encompasses battles, wars, the invention of air travel and the first-ever airwreck. (Actually, to use the parlance of the wizard Sken-Pitilkin, they didn't get air-wrecked. Rather, they crashed.)
        Before Guest is done, he had learnt an enormous amount about geography by fighting battles on various bits and pieces of it, by adventuring through it and by being airwrecked on it. He survives a duel in Enskandalon Square, sword against sword in fair combat against the Rovac warrior Thodric Jarl, and survives, also, an encounter with the Great Mink.
        Survival is not painless, as the following excerpt suggests:

        "For Guest Gulkan, arms and legs both shredded by the mauling strength of the Great Mink, there was no blessed darkness."

        Will Guest Gulkan survive being savaged by the Great Mink? And how will he fare against the quokka when he eventually encounters it in the Stench Caves of Logthok Norgos? The key issue in politics, as one of the wise has said, is "who whom". That is, who has the power to do what to whom? When Guess Gulkan comes face-to-face with the quokka, who will be hung and who will do the hanging? And who, ultimately, will rule the empire?
        In this sprawling saga, a tale of combat, torture, power struggles and (on occasion) encounters with the irregular verbs (and more, much, much more) the tale of Guest Gulkan unfolds in a self-contained novel which is complete in itself. No prior knowledge of Guest Gulkan or his world is required. Eat well, pack lightly, make sure your boots have plenty of road-wear left in them, then begin, if you dare, this, the ultimate saga adventure.

Blurb ends.

        My publishing plans for 1996 include new editions of two other books which are out of print, THE WORDSMITHS AND THE WARGUILD and THE WORSHIPPERS AND THE WAY.
        With those two missing books also published, all ten books will be in print, as Colin Smythe of Colin Smythe Ltd is still selling stocks of the original Corgi paperback versions of the remaining seven books in the ten-book series.
        Transworld Publishers, owners of the Corgi Books imprint, remaindered the Corgi paperbacks some years ago, but Colin bought the stocks and rebadged them with new ISBN numbers, therefore these books can be purchased from amazon.com.
        Also on sale at the lulu.com/hughcook storefront are the three books of the OCEANS OF LIGHT trilogy, a fantasy trilogy set in the archipelago of Chalakanesia. The three books are WEST OF HEAVEN, EAST OF HELL and NORTH OF PARADISE.

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