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paranormal powers fantasy novel with murder mystery elements

Ken Udamana must find out who is killing members of his family before he himself is killed. Click here for cover, info, read first 30 chapters free.

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alternative reality fantasy novel
with murdermystery elements

by Hugh Cook


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fantasynovel with murder mystery elements

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Who is killing members of Ken Udamana's family? This is the murder mystery that Ken Udamana has to solve before he is killed in turn. There is an arsonist on the loose who has already torched one building, causing multiple fatalities, and maybe Ken's house will be next.

The area in which Ken lives is, to a degree, haunted. As is his own house and one of the neighboring houses. But Ken does not think that the paranormal is implicated in what is happening now.

Rather, as the father of two somewhat troubled teenagers (the son being the more troubled of these two troubled teens) Ken suspects that his own children may be implicated in a conspiracy to kill him.

This is an alternative reality novel set in a world much like ours, a world with cellphones and Internet connections. But the people in Ken's world, unlike us, eat not with chopsticks but with scissors.

Ken, too, is not quite like us, because he is possessed of a paranormal power, in his case the power to animate bamboo and bring it to life.

As the story unfolds, Ken begins to suspect that his business partners, foreigners from the distant land of Merlercia, may secretly be representing the military-industrial complex, and that the armaments industry may have designs on the powers possessed by Ken and his family.

If so, then Ken must fight against the threat that his own teenage son may be dragged into the warlike world of the cruel and imperious Merlercians, the world dominators.

To add to Ken's problems, in the background there is a sinister organized crime figure who claims to have bought Ken's house and the land it stands on. Ken does not believe that this is legally possible, but the man he is up against is not one to trouble his head about legalities.

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