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2006 Frequently Asked Questions

• Q: Where can I buy your books?

A: At amazon.com, unless you want to buy my slim book of poems, ARC OF LIGHT, or any of the volumes in the OCEANS OF LIGHT trilogy (WEST OF HEAVEN, EAST OF HELL and NORTH OF PARADISE), in which case you need to go to the storefront at:


To see covers and access sample chapters of the OCEANS OF LIGHT trilogy, go to BOOKS ONLINE.

To read the entire ARC OF LIGHT collection online, go to poems.

Note that many of the short stories (fantasy, SF, horror) have been collected in the book THE SUCCUBUS AND OTHER STORIES. Cover and full texts of thirty of the stories at THE SUCCUBUS AND OTHER STORIES.

To read the death poems which are part of the literary miscellany THIS IS A PICTURE OF YOUR GOD go to DEATH POEMS.

For updates on any new projects or life developments in the Hugh Cook story, go to


• Q: Can we do a movie deal?

A: Probably not. I've turned down a number of amateur film makers who convinced me that they were keen, competent, level-headed and possibly able to lay their hands on funding.

As of 2006 I am still dealing with the aftermath of having had brain cancer, an experience which is dealt with in my autobiographical medical memoir, CANCER PATIENT, which you are welcome to read online for free, if you are so inclined.

As of 2006, I'm scratching a living by teaching English part time in Japan, my day-to-day life complicated by the fact that I have childcare responsibilities with respect to my two-year-old daughter, and I am having to cope with eyesight damage which has apparently been caused by radiation therapy to the brain.

("Scratching a living" means, in truth, bludging off my wife, who is a hard-working civil servant and the houshold's main bread winner.)

With reference to my damaged eyesight, I still see, up to a point, but, for me, looking upon the world is like looking through a pool of muddy water, and the water is constantly in motion. With appropriate prescription lenses, I can see well enough to read, write, use a computer and teach English, but, sorry, it wouldn't be fun for me to read your ingenious and intelligent script.

I wasn't happy about turning down these offers, but I've realized that now, at this stage of my life, the correct course of action is to say "No," unless there are very pressing reasons to say otherwise.

So, sorry, sight unseen, your movie idea is not a go.

Unless you have money. Money I can always do with. I'd like to have enough to go buy those Godiva chocolates some of my Belgium-visiting English languagte students have told me about.

If you have money that could put me on the next plane to Belgium, Hollywood money, then I have an agent. Sorry, but my agent advises no deals at the hobbyist level. It messes up the rights issue if a serious offer ever comes along.

If you can convince me that you have planes-to-Belgium money in your wallet, then I will put you in touch with my deeply trusted British-based agent, and if he thinks you're the real thing then he'll get on the phone and get in touch with the guy he deals with in Hollywood.

That's the top two frequently asked questions, but scroll down for others.

Terms of Use
All materials on this website can be read for free online. However, note that the website contents are copyright © 1973-2006 Hugh Cook - all rights reserved. For permission to use any of the material on this website contact Hugh Cook.

other and older frequently asked questions

Q: Do you have time to read my work? My novel, my short story, sample chapters from my novel, sample pages from my short story? A: Sorry, no. I'm overloaded, more than one hundred percent committed, and I can't take on anything more.

Q: Would you be interested in hosting my work on your site? A: Briefly, no. If there were very special circumstances, I might conceivably think about it, but I'm basically too busy. As it is, because I'm too busy to properly chew everything I've bitten off, there are a number of things on the website which are still unfinished or which need work. Consequently, some time ago I made a conscious decision that I was not going to take on the duties of an editor on top of everything else.

If you want to have your own stuff online then build your own website. You can get a free (advertising-supported) website at Lycos Tripod and additional resources (such as counters) are available at Bravenet. If those two sites don't answer your needs then go to Google, type "free websites" into the search box then hit the Enter key.

Note that if you only have a tiny little bit of stuff to put online then it should be possible to build a simple one-page website over the course of a weekend, starting from a knowledge base of zero.

If you need inspiration then go to The Homeless Guy - this guy built his first website when he was homeless, was living on the streets, and could only access the Internet through the computer at the public library.

Q: Who is Hugh Cook? A: Hugh Cook is a writer born in Britain, educated in New Zealand, resident in Japan. He is a novelist, short story writer, poet and professional English teacher. This is his official website, which includes:    site contents     diary     essays     poems    ... and ... stories.

Q: What's on this site? A: Well, some complete stories (mainstream, horror, science fiction, fantasy) and some poems - war poetry and so on (including some material about the Trojan wars). Also a couple of complete novels. And a blog. And a guide to writing creative fiction.

Q: What's new on this site? A: Click here for an answer.

Q: You wrote the ten-volume series Chronicles of an Age of Darkness. Wasn't it originally planned to be twenty volumes? What happened to the other ten? Do drafts exist/ Are we going to see any more?

A: It's true that the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness was originally planned to be a twenty-volume series. However, sales fell off, and this plan became commerically unviable. I discuss the commercial trajectory of the series in my bibliography - novels.

Although there was an original (pretty sketchy) twenty-volume master plan, this got bent out of shape fairly early on, and essentially I was making this series up as I went along. The later volumes do not exist, not even in draft from.

I do not expect to write any more fiction set in the milieu of the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness. However, on this website there is a short story set in that milieu. The story is The Secret History of Lord Dreldragon. Check it out!

Q: There are some stories in the short story bibliography which do not appear on the website. Are these stories going to be placed on the website in due course?
A: Probably not. I'm thinking at some stage of putting some of these stories together to make a book of short stories, the working title of which would be The Succubus and Other Stories. This would probably not contain more than one or two of the stories from this website - it would probably consist, for the most part, of stories which have been published in magazines but which I have not chosen to post online. I'm considering possibly publishing this as a print-on-demand book.

Q: Sorry, but what is a print-on-demand book?
A: "Print-on-demand" is a technology for printing books one at a time. A customer orders one book online (through Amazon.com or some similar outlet) and the (single) book is printed and sent to the customer. This contrasts with the historical method, which involves printing thousands of books at one time using a conventional printing press and then storing these in warehouses until the day of need. The "storing in warehouses" business can get pretty expensive.

Q. Tell me more about print-on-demand. A: Sorry, it's not my field. This is still in the "let's think about it" stage and I'm not in any big hurry.

Q: What are you working on at the moment?
A: Well, I have a pretty busy life in Japan, so a lot of the time I'm not working on anything in particular, at least not anything literary. However, when I have time, I'm pushing ahead with two projects.

One of these is a project set in Chalakanesia. I have a couple of short stories on the website which are set in Chalakanesia, and these stories are Diving on the Wreck and The Ghosting of Heineman Jubiladilia.

The other thing I'm working on (or not working on, depending on my schedule) is a large-scale series which has the working title OOLONG MORBLOCK. There is a story set in the Oolong Morblock milieu on the website - the story is Astral Talent.
Q. May I take your work, or some part of it, and republish it under my own name?
No. Nobody will be granted permission to republish anything on this site under their own name. I, Hugh Cook, hereby assert my moral right to be identified as the author of the writings on this website.

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