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Official free reading website of writer Hugh Cook, author of the CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS series, for full details of which see the fan site fan site.

Hugh Cook's free reading site contains novels, poems and short stories - SF, fantasy and horror. Also the full text of the autobiographical cancer memoir CANCER PATIENT.

Hugh Cook is the British-born writer Hugh Walter Gilbert Cook, educated in New Zealand and resident in Japan.

He is the author of THE SUCCUBUS AND OTHER STORIES - click here to read 30 stories online, SF, fantasy and horror. He is also the author of the enormously long sword and sorcery novel THE WITCHLORD AND THE WEAPONMASTER and a slim book of poems, the traditional slender volume of poetry, ARC OF LIGHT.

He has also written some death poems which are collected in the literary miscellany THIS IS A PICTURE OF YOUR GOD which includes, amongst other things, a section on Islam and some selected how-to-do-it passages on the subject of writing guidance.

Hugh Cook's novels include the alternative reality novel BAMBOO HORSES and the long and ultraviolent suicide bomber TO FIND AND WAKE THE DREAMER. (Sample 30 chapters of each of these online.)

Hugh Cook is an English teacher by profession and a writer by vocation.

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All materials on this website can be read for free online. However, note that the website contents are copyright © 1973-2006 Hugh Cook - all rights reserved. For permission to use any of the material on this website contact Hugh Cook.

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Hugh Cook books
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Hugh Cook books
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