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Three complete full text novels to read for free online plus also ! BONUS ! one read-for-free sample (read 30 chapters free online out of a total of 64). Details below (details of the read free 30-chapter sample first, then the details of the three read 4 free full texts).


is a murder mystery with fantasy elements.

Click here to read sample 30 chapters BAMBOO HORSES


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fantasy novel with murder mystery elements

Murder! Parenthood! Murder! Business management! Murder! A flat cellphone battery! Murder! Adultery! Murder! Mystery! A literary novel!

Ken Udamana tries to figure out the nature of the murderous threat against himself and his family. The body count rises ...

This is a complex and highly intelligent quirky literary novel with fantasy elements. It is set in the nation of Nizon, where the people eat with scissors rather than with chopsticks, and where those living in the perturbed zone have a tendency to acquire powers ...

First 30 chapters (of a total of 64 chapters) here to read for free online. Full text available for purchase on amazon.com.

Click here to read sample 30 chapters BAMBOO HORSES

three complete full text novels


Questing hero fantasy novel written at an adult level - fantasy fiction with swords, dragons, magic.
THE WORDSMITHS AND THE WARGUILD - a questing hero novel

Full text unexpurgated read on line without charge. Togura Poulaan quests! Pirates! Wild tribes! Horror! Death! Suffering! Courage! Victory!


Military SF novel with murder mystery elements. Complete self-contained novel read full text online for free, unabridged. High tech weaponry. Includes virtual reality SF. Battle challenge!


Some of the action takes place in the Combat College and some of the action expands into the city beyond ... the spectrum ranges all the way from the dust of the city to starship combat action.

Complete text huge epic mega novel


Ultralong saga novel: swordsman swordsmen swords Rovac mercenary Rovac warriors Rovac mercenaries military strategy military tactics witches warlords armies on the march. Full complete text readfreeonline long novel battle novel battles novel war novel. Bloodthirsty!


Guest Gulkan is the Weaponmaster, the son of the Witchlord, and the conflict between father and son will shake an empire.

complete full text read 4 free online

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Hugh Cook

Hugh's works

Hugh Cook's published novels include PLAGUE SUMMER, THE SHIFT and the ten volumes of the CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS series. For background information on the CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS series see:-


This site include a map of the milieu of the CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS (the world of THE WITCHLORD AND THE WEAPONMASTER, aka WIZARD WAR, and so on.) For the map, see:


Hugh Cook has some comments about the writing of the CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS series in his diary at:


Hugh Cook has some writing about how to write creatively at:

write fiction

For a complete list of the novels Hugh Cook has written together with Hugh Cook's comments on those novels see:

novel list

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