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Aardvark Planet

The aardvark
Is a small animal
Which lives on the first page of the dictionary,
Where there is nothing to eat.

The aardvark
Is a solo act.
Its immigrant components
Mark it as a stranger,
As one of one, alien to the many.
The abbot
Acknowledges its existence,
But will not socialize.

The aardvark
Is marooned in the abacus age:
On the aardvark's planet
There are no computers.
It knows nothing of
Cows, crossbows, candyfloss
Or the sherbet at the end of the rainbow.
The ballot box
Is a letter out of reach.

The mosaic
Of the aardvark's planet
Has the logic of broken glass.
Amidst the smashed fragments
Of an improvised reality
It insists,
At least,
On its own survival.

The aardvark
Lives in two dimensions
But dreams in ten,
Transalphabetic realms
Where aard is numinous
And where the aardvark has wings.

Notes: this written aardvark poem written by poet Hugh Cook. This aardvarkpoem published online by Hugh Cook. For terms of use see terms of use.

Copyright © 2004 Hugh Cook


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