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MY BABY DAUGHTER - baby busy schedule poem by Hugh Cook of

My Baby Daughter

She is in my care.
The sliding cursor of my attention
Is lost in the summer heat,
Vanishing into the schisms of sleeplessness.
The intellectual property issues
Say "Goo wa goo wa goo wa goo!"

There are cicadas in America,
It seems,
Possessed of a seventeen-year cycle.
My baby daughter
Is awake again, and hungry.
"Wah gah wah gah wah gah woo!"

The important issues of the day
Are war, peace, poverty,
The unchecked epidemic, and the question of
Just how long that teat
Has been boiling for.

The Great Wall of China
Is much, much longer than my elbow.
My baby daughter's eyelashes
Are longer than a lottery would have guessed.
She is awake, and achieving

Author's note: this poem, pretty obviously, is about the difficulty of being a parent and properly focusing in on your baby in a world of busy schedules and infinite distractions. The poem was written when my baby daughter was three months old.

Copyright © 2004 Hugh Cook

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