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Making Peace with Bombs

We are feeding the children with promises.
We are making a peace with our bombs.
We don't want a war so must fight one.
It will all come out white in the wash.

You offend by the fact you are living.
The darkness is where you belong.
We denounce you as demon, diabolus.
We will bury you along with our wrong.

We were buddies before but it's different.
It is clear that you don't understand.
We can change, of our choice, into angels.
But that choice is not granted to you.

You have raped them with acid and darkness.
You have razed them with terror and gas.
You're a thug you're a hoodlum we scorn you,
We have nothing to do with our past.

We have made the decision to kill you.
By resisting you force us to kill.
We don't like to kill but you force us.
We must kill you to force you to stop.

Now our message to you we must liberate,
The legitimate owners of oil.
If you bleed you must seek understanding.
We are here as the angels of light.

We could slaughter you all and stand solo
But have killed but a tenth of our could.
Our war is a limited conflict
And your lives are the proof of our good.

We have heard of your cries in the dungeon.
We have heard of your plight in the night.
We have come to your rescue, you need us,
We are bleeding, and dying for you.

We will bleed you a little then love you.
We'll be friends till the end of the night.
Submit to our freedom or perish.
Embrace us or die of our love.

As for you, dude -
Unwitting supporter of unlawful dictatorship, you
Misbegotten bastard, you -
Forget the little girl with her head blown off.

Publication details:"Making Peace with Bombs"
was first posted on the Internet on 27 March 2003.
Copyright © 2003 Hugh Cook. All rights reserved.

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