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Sodium Thiosulphate

Sodium thiosulphate simmers
In a clear blue stream of bunsen flame
That whispers round the testube glass
Like hush or a wish.
Sodium thiosulphate cools
In a plastic dish which its heat
Will disorder as its molecules array.
A seed crystal falls;
The dish buckles.
The microscope focuses now.

Beneath these binocular lenses,
With white extending arms encompassing space,
With the certainty of this morning's dawn,
A matrix grows -

To see a crystal grow is like
Seeing a star as a sun
For the very first time or like
Finding a painting as truth -
It is like your very first wipeout
In jumbles of sea
With the sun
At the surface.

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Publication details: "Sodium Thiosulphate" was first published in Koreru in June of 1978. First posted on the Internet on 2003 September 27 Saturday. Copyright © 2003 Hugh Cook. All rights reserved.

Language note: standard American English is "sulfur" but standard British English is "sulphur," and New Zealand English follows the British model in this case. Similarly, standard American English is "sulfate" but standard British (and New Zealand) English is "sulphate".

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poem about growth of crystals

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