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The Whale

The whale dives
Faster than drowning's plumbline,
Into the sonar's depths
Where the light is compressed into darkness.
As the yard-rule goes,
He's monstrous -
An uncouth combatant
Labouring in turmoil with the giant squid -
And yet he's sensitive
To creation's amperage, scrimshaw's saga,
And the swirl of angstroms
Circulating his brain.

Today, I find his skull
On the floor of the art gallery.
A child
Could curl up inside this housing:
His comprehension
Could swallow any adult whole.

Behind me,
In the darkness,
He rises, unharmed,
From the depths of nitrogen narcosis.
A harpoon lances across the light.
The projector runs methodically
Through the last frame,
But we can already predict the ending.

Publication details: "The Whale" was first published in Craccum on 25 July 1977. It was first posted on the Internet by Hugh Cook on 2003 September 21 Sunday. Copyright © 1977, 2003 Hugh Cook. All rights reserved.

Eating the Whale

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Blood, raw meat, shameless juiciness on display ... whalemeat in the fish market ... Click here for photo of the meat of a murdered whale!

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