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short stories and flash fiction new in 2005 - SF, horror, fantasy, mainstream.

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New Short Stories and New Flash Fiction by Hugh Cook

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New Short Stories and New Flash fiction

2005 December 20 Tuesday. Added Shoot to Kill suicide bomber story. Paranormals have the ability to make themselves explode - cops move into shoot-to-kill mode. This fairly short story (2,695 words) is based on selected portions of a very long novel, TO FIND AND WAKE THE DREAMER, which runs to 76 chapters and about 199,000 words (over 700 pages as a printed book).

2005 May 06 Friday. Added an SF story about living under the domination of aliens, Eating Jesus Christ.

2005 March 25 Friday. Uploaded a cancer story called Metastasis, a rather unpleasant horror fantasy cancer fiction story

2005 January 8 Saturday. Uploaded a gladiator story featuring Vorn the Gladiator, a story called Invasion of the Chickens. Vorn's mission (but will he accept it, and is he up to it?) is to preserve the world he knows against the pernicious influence of the invading chickens.

Also on 2005 January 8 Saturday posted a story called Sweetness and Light, which is a university story featuring a lecturer and a younger (female) student. Oh, and also some stuff about Shakespeare. So it's sort of (in a way) a Shakespeare story (with the focus on the texts rather than on the man).

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