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Warning: Site content may offend. Content includes horror, murder, torture, lawlessness, military carnage, Anglo Saxon crudities, occasional adult incidents and George Bush

flash fiction

Acorns  Mainstream story set in the U.S.A. Partly about acorns, but mostly not. Partly about acorns, but mostly not. This literary story is a piece of modern mainstream fiction - a piece of contemporary fiction.

An Alien in Japan. For the alien, Japan is a pretty alien place. There are all kinds of things which really defy comprehension. One of them being these strange creatures called dogs. Edible creatures. Obviously, this is a science fiction alien story.

A Pilgrimage to Plaka Kalada  Ida Brahma is on a mission to the planet Plaka Kalada. She has two problems. One is that if her disguise is penetrated then she may end up dead. The other problem is Doctor Defrock. A story about another planet - an sf story.

Astral Talent  An Oolong Morblock story. While Danzburg is in prison, his son Oswald (aged nine) is endangered by the exorcist Elmace. Elmace, who is a dangerous blunderer, summons Oswald's spirit from his sleeping body. This is an Oolong Morblock story - a fantasy story.

Bad Sex  Terrence Azlenabek is one of the most difficult people to deal with. He believes in telling the truth, regardless of the consequences. And the truth regarding this guy John Milton? Well, the tabloid press is making a meal of it. This is a story about John Milton - a clone story, an sf clone story.

Basque  If the Basque language is to be studied in its ancient uncontaminated form, then the time travelers will have to get moving, fast. But are their observations innocent or genocidally destructive? This is a time travel story - an sf story about time travel.

Consenting Adults  The rules of Business-Business are simple: keep your personal life out of it. But Burton wants to see Matilda again. He knows he might be putting his corporate career at stake. But, actually, it's rather more dangerous than that. This is a fantasy story.

Consequences  Jervil makes an irretrivably error and ends up being cursed. He hopes he can get out of Asia alive. But the odds are against him. This is a fantasy story - a story of a cursed man.

Diving on the Wreck  Heineman does not have the temperament of a hero. Even so, he ends up diving on the wreck, struggling to save the lives of those not yet dead inside. This is a diving story - an adventure story set in Chalakanesia.

FLASH FICTION - very short stories.

Gally Smith and the Massacre of the Orcs  Gally Smith faces the task of keeping alive the orclets in the face of the practitioners of genocide. A fantasy story.

Gap Music  Well, of course, everyone has to remember their previous lives. That's an acknowledged part of growing up. But for some people the process kicks in later than others. And the results can be a bit ... well ... you be the judge. This is (sort of) a story about recovered memory.

Golf Course  You've heard about Heaven and Hell. And Purgatory. And Limbo. But it's a bit more complicated than that. There is also Golf Course. This is a horror fantasy story, a golf story and a life after death story.

Golgo Molgo  A love story and a dog story - if it's legal to keep a flesh-and-blood dog which annoys the hell out of your neighbors, how about a robot dog? That's our starting point ....

Harriet's Armpit  When Harriet gets married, she doesn't know quite what to expect. Given that Jack has spent the last twenty years in jail, she's sure that his body of experience will be quite enough for both of them. However, as time goes on, she finds herself starting to suffer from unappeased desires. This is a contemporary mainstream fiction story.

Life and Death in Oolong Morblock  Three months after committing the perfect murder, Mafling Yonrungon dies of a heart attack. However, although dead, he's not yet ready to call it quits. This is a ghost story.

Life on Planet Earth  Landing at Fort Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, was the first totally inexplicable and utterly alien thing which the aliens did. After the invaders left, the people of planet Earth were left with something else which was extremely strange: each other. This is an sf horror story.

Live on Channel 10  Everyone wants to be on TV, right? Horror story. A horror story.

Mountaineering Complex  Just what is this contagious form of insanity known as "mountaineering"? Why has it been banned? And what can we expect to encounter if we bump up against an uncontrolled case of the disease? This is a brief vignette, a psychology of mountain climbing story.

Night on Bear Mountain   Roy Pajelva faces a crisis in the virtual reality world of Bear Mountain when one of the teenagers under his care seems to be dying of hypothermia. This is an sf horror story - an sf virtual reality story.

On the Wings of a Cockroach  Jozanna Yu, poet, wakes up and finds she's been turned into a cockroach. Again. And she thinks she knows who's responsible. In fact, there's only one suspect - boyfriend Gregor Samsa. A story about being a poet and writing poetry - a story about creative writing.

Patriots  Even if you're a genuine patriot, and Jason is, that doesn't set you free from the need to play the game. And a pretty rough game it can be, too. A surveillance society SF story.

Quilting  Some people aren't asked if they'd like to become the enemy. They're just born into a particular community, and that seals their fate. Even so, quilting would seem to be a harmless enough hobby. But it's surprising what can be turned into a lethal weapon, if you're imaginative enough. An SF terrorism story.

Remembering Nagasaki   Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. But an individual act of recollection is no guarantee of safety in the face of a communal drive to destruction. A nuclear threat SF story.

Saint George and Ibrahim  There's a bit of blood, but don't worry. Saint George is on a mission from God! A short violent fable - a modern fable.

Swiss Toys  The question: can Switzerland's quest for world domination be halted? Or are the robots which have been unleashed by the Swiss just too much for the civilized world to handle? An SF story - a story about robot love.

The Angel of the Seventh Apocalypse  Fran and Cobril were prisoners of the Memory Masters, the intelligent jellyfish otherwise known as the Kabila Yutenji. Because their memories were limited by a thirty-day decay rule, it was not easy to keep track of what was happening. A science fiction story.

The Dragon Zenphos - a dragon story set in the milieu of the CHRONICLES OF AN AGE OF DARKNESS - action overlaps with that of the WIZARD WAR novel (aka THE WIZARDS AND THE WARRIORS). A fantasy science fiction story.

The Ghosting of Heineman Jubiladilia. That body is Heineman's. And if he can't get back into it, then he's dead. A fantasy story.

The Kidney Bean Diet  There's a certain amount of screaming coming from the neighbor's house. Does this mean the neighbor has a taste for violent videos? Or violent tastes? Content may disturb. A hardcore horror story.

The Naked Succubus Sex Slave Murders - this is a fantasy fiction, a fantasy story set in the city of Krantankertus. It is an Inspector Stremalon story. Suitable for adults only.

The Orc's Armpit - hardcore horror mature content suitable adults only.

The Rat. He woke up at night ... why? The title gives a hint. A short rat story.

The Secret History of Lord Dreldragon  The day before his arrest, Asquith North gets an anonymous letter. It is short and to the point. "What you call truth others call treason. Run if you value your life. You are only twenty-four years of age." But Asquith does not run. A fantasy story.

The Suicide Bomber  He doesn't think of himself as a suicide bomber. Or even as a terrorist. He genuinely believes that terrorism is not the answer. But, day by day, he has less and less to lose, and more and more reason to take action. An sf story - a suicide bomber story.

The Transfer of Patient Twenty-Seven  Mainstream story. (This kind of thing happens). A mainstream story.

The Triumph of Japanese English. Keiko was puzzled by the speech that Gavin had written for her. Of course, he was a native speaker, so his conversational skills were strong. But, because Japanese people study English grammar very thoroughly, they often understand it better than native speakers. A mainstream story.

Too Far from Home - a travel story. Jamie Heck is traveling in India. He's already gone far beyond the borders of any reality that he's familiar with, and perhaps he's in danger of transgressing across the boundaries of reality itself. A story about India.

The Warden of Jestabel Zee - a fantasy story. What to do in the face of a threat of violence. A fantasy story.

The Wrath of Babril Hestek - science fiction fantasy. A spacecraft is going to land on the planet of Velis Tantris. Burning all in its path. A priestess gets involved. Then a god. An SF fantasy story.

UFO Invasion - the Truth about Alien Abductions!!  Each year, millions of Americans are abducted by aliens. But why? This lightly fictionalized account of a TRUE STORY supplies the answer. A UFO story.

Upgrade - an SF horror story. This is fairly long, weighing in at 9,162 words. A story about Eric. When Eric was under interrogation by the police, he felt no stress. The police were nothing compared to the Institute. "What do you know about the body?" said the voice behind the light. An SF horror story.

Vorn the Gladiator  Vorn the Gladiator, fearing torture, flees the city of Chi'ash-lan, accompanied by Sharla the Swordswoman. Whom he can trust. He thinks. This gladiator story is a story about torture.

Wet Leaves on the Track  The lump of icecream melting in the schoolyard is bigger than the house. The condom which has fallen on the neighboring town is larger than the town itself. But none of this drama brings to an end the mundane day-to-day tensions of the family. A short bizarre story.

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