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Hugh's diary

Diary of author Hugh Cook, the author of these stories.

stories short stories - mainstream modern story

A Better Life

His leg cramped up in the middle of a crosswalk. And then? Well! Unexpected lifechange story.

stories short stories - mainstream modern story


stories short stories - genie fantasy story

A Genie At Work

stories short stories - alien SF story

An Alien in Japan

stories short stories - SF story

A Pilgrimage to Plaka Kalada

stories short stories - fantasy short story

Astral Talent

stories short stories - clone story

Bad Sex

stories short stories - time travel story


stories short stories - revenge story

Burning Louty

stories short stories - fatal date story

Consenting Adults

stories short stories - cursed in Asia story


stories short stories - baby story SF baby story

Upside: she's going to live for a thousand years. Downside: after half a century, she's still biologically three months old. And her father is getting older ....

Daddy's Little Girl

stories short stories - fantasy diving story

Diving on the Wreck

Living under the domination of aliens - SF story.

Eating Jesus Christ

sttories short stories - escape story

Escape from Hell

stories short stories - orcs fantasy story

Gally Smith and the Massacre of the Orcs

stories short stories - recovered memory fantasy story

Gap Music

stories short stories - golf after death story

Golf Course

stories short stories - robot dog story

Golgo Molgo

stories short stories - relationship story

Grapefruit Perfume Bicycle Birthmark

stories short stories - armpit story

Harriet's Armpit

stories short stories - homeless story

His Name Was Mac

unpleasant hard core horror story


literary lust story

Hot Cardboard

... lust, murder, boxcutter rape ...
... protagonist is a cardboard box ...



story invasion story

Invasion of the Chickens

The world is threatened with the horror of an invasion of chickens, and it is up to Vorn the Gladiator to save the day. If he will. And if he can.

read short stories Japan

Japan short stories - some fact some fiction

stories short stories - ghost story

Life and Death in Oolong Morblock

stories short stories - sciencefiction story

Life on Planet Earth

stories short stories - fire horror story

Live on Channel 10

stories short stories - bizarre story

Lost in his Bedroom

He's lost in his bedroom. And it's not clear whether he's going to survive the experience.

stories short stories - AI story

Lost in the Moid

stories short stories - disgusting story:-

What's in the nose is pretty disgusting:-


stories short stories - cancer story - horror fantasy unpleasant cancer fiction story


War on terror SF story

Meeting My Agent

stories short stories - mountaineering psychology story

Mountaineering Complex

stories short stories - virtual reality story

Night on Bear Mountain

stories short stories - poet's cockroach transformation story

On the Wings of a Cockroach

stories short stories - SF surveillance society story


stories short stories - terrorism motivation story


stories short stories - SF nuclear threat story

Remembering Nagasaki

stories short stories - meat cleaver story

Saint George and Ibrahim

stories short stories - sex criminal story

Santa Claus, Sex Criminal

Shoot to Kill

Suicide bomber story - paranormals have the ability to make themselves explode - cops move into shoot-to-kill mode.

stories short stories - macabre story

Suicide Hotel

When she checks into the Grand Terminus Suicide Hotel, he knows three things: she is beautiful, he is in love with her, and she is too young to die.

stories short stories - university story

Sweetness and Light

University story. Male lecturer. Female student. A world warping out of shape. Mutating. What is happening to Shakespeare?

stories short stories - robot love story

Swiss Toys

stories short stories - prisoners of aliens SF story

The Angel of the Seventh Apocalypse

stories short stories - dragon fantasy story

The Dragon Zenphos

stories short stories - capital punishment fiction story

The Executed Man

stories short stories - out-of-body story

The Ghosting of Heineman Jubiladilia

stories short stories - hardcore horror story

The Kidney Bean Diet

stories short stories - murder story

The Naked Succubus Sex Slave Murders

stories short stories - hardcore horror orc story

The Orc's Armpit

stories short stories - rat horror story

The Rat

stories short stories - fantasy story

The Secret History of Lord Dreldragon

stories short stories - suicide bomber SF story

The Suicide Bomber

stories short stories - fantasy story

therapy story therapy fiction story therapy fictional

The Therapy of the Great God Mulchagola

stories short stories - mainstream horror story

The Transfer of Patient Twenty-Seven

stories short stories - Japanese English story

The Triumph of Japanese English

stories short stories - fantasy travel story

Too Far from Home

stories short stories - fantasy story

The Warden of Jestabel Zee

stories short stories - strange fantasy story

The Wind in His Mouth

stories short stories - alien god story

The Wrath of Babril Hestek

stories short stories - UFO abduction story

UFO Invasion - the Truth about Alien Abductions!!

stories short stories - SF brain modification story


stories short stories - gladiator torture story

Vorn the Gladiator

stories short stories - bizarre story

Wet Leaves on the Track

stories short stories - war veteran story

Yenlow's Renewal 52

stories short stories - fantasy story

You're in my Body

free online novels

Blogging in Hell

stories stories stories stories stories stories stories complete text stories short stories short stories

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For a full list of Hugh Cook's longer stories (not all on this site) see the
short story bibliography.

New stories are included in the list above and are also listed separately in the list of new stories.


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The ultimate fantasy novel begins - read first 30 chapters free


Ibrahim Chess, suspected terrorist and rational man, confronts a crisis as the tyrant state moves into the age of shoot to kill. This is the ultimate fantasy novel. If you want to have your head totally bent out of shape, this is your best chance to do it before the sun explodes.

The full text runs to 76 chapters and about 199,000 words. It may be bought as a printed book (over 700 pages) from It may also be purchased for US $5 as a PDF-format computer download from -

Warning: this is no-holds-barred fantasy fiction. Includes coarse language, murder, torture, ultraviolence, excretory functions, chumbly wheels, suicide scenes, an extended interrogation scene, a three-meter condom gloopy with elephant ejaculate, a girl getting branded with a red-hot iron, and, worse, literary language, and invented words. Additionally, the text occasionally employs archaic terms which the modern age has very little use for ("mercy", for example, and "justice", and "the rule of law"). The book also contains references to both the walrus and the hippopotamus. It's a book about those extremely dangerous reproductive mammals known as human beings, never too far away from the next bottle of beer or vodka. Need I say more?

If you don't find at least something seriously disturbing in this book then you are a seriously disturbed person.

TO FIND AND WAKE THE DREAMER is subtitled "A Book of Death", and aims to live up to the title.

Quote from a satisfied reader:-

"This book really bubbled my brain but I am a better person for having read it. Now I can die happy."

(Saddam Hussein al Tikriti)

Quote from the proud author:-

"This is, quite simply, the best fantasy novel ever written. Accept no substitutes!"

(Hugh Cook)

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